Fast user switching - are network processes halted?

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    Are background processes connecting to internet ACTIVE when I switch to a different user?

    Got 2 user accounts - "NORMAL" and one called "ROAMING".

    The 1st account has lot's of stuff including file sharing tools like Dropbox, Evernote etc.. all running in background and connecting to online accounts. The 2nd account is stripped-down for use at public hotspot or hotel and I don't use file sharing in this account.

    Am I safe to assume that all processes in particular those connecting to internet (Evernote, Dropbox etc) all literally suspended/halted while switching to my 2nd account? Does my poor man's logic make sense?

    When I look in LittleSnitch under the 2nd account, LittleSnitch shows the connections of the 1st user account as being "active", but because it's a different account Little Snitch doesn't tell me whether there is some traffic and whether the application continues on that connection as usual..

    Log-off completely and relogin is not that convenient.. and using VPN is not an option.... I rather use common sense when using public hotspots if the method of fast user switching works.

    Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8
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    In general, processes on the second account will be active unless that account logs out. Not Fast-User-Switch, but actual logout.

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