Fast wifi, but slow browsing speeds?

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    Jan 30, 2016
    Hey guys, I have a quick question.

    I recently upgraded my wifi to 150mbps down and around 15mbps up, in hopes to increase browsing speeds, and how fast I download games and what not. However, ever since upgrading, I see no difference between my speeds now and my original speeds for browsing. (20down and 15up). I have heard that it ultimately depends on the speed of the websites, but I have been in places such as my friends job which has incredible wifi speeds which I tested while there (50up and down). Webpages loaded almost instantly, however it seems ever since I have upgraded my speed are almost slower than they were before. I have checked my speeds on and various other websites to confirm they are what I paid for and they indeed are, so whats going on? What is the bottleneck causing this?


    Download: 150mbps
    Upload: 15mbps
  2. IHelpId10t5 macrumors 6502

    Nov 28, 2014
    What browser are you using? Also, what browser plugins and extensions are you using and do you have any security or antivirus software installed?

    If you have any security or antivirus software installed on your Mac then remove it completely (useless). Then, download a different browser such as Google Canary as a test browser and never install any plugins or extensions on that browser. Then give it a test compared to your normal browser.

    Also make sure that you have no "Proxy" settings enabled on your Mac.

    And lastly, understand that you are using the term "WiFi" to mean "Internet bandwidth". These are two very different things. If you have "150mbps down and around 15mbps up" Internet bandwidth and web pages are loading slowly then you certainly have a problem. I have 12Mbps/3Mbps (up/down) and have no problems at all with 3 family members all streaming video or at the same time. The POS cable companies will way oversell the bandwidth you need for typical Internet uses. It's also important that you have a modern WiFi router (at least 802.11n) if you have Internet that fast.
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    Jun 28, 2008
    I personally don't like, ISPs have been known to intercept traffic to it and increase your bandwidth to ensure it tests well.

    I have been using lately.

    If you plug into your router with an Ethernet cable is it better? If you plug directly into your modem is it better? (Assuming you have a separate modem and router)

    Do you have cable internet I assume?

    What modem and router are you using?

    One thing to note too is business class Internet is normally more consistently closer to their bandwidth they pay for, but they pay more for it.

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    Dec 27, 2015
    You upgraded your wifi? You mean you got a new tier of service? Your friends Internet is faster because they pay for business class speeds that includes dedicated upstream bandwidth. There are a ton of factors to how fast you perceive your Internet speeds to be and frankly your terminology points me to the conclusion that you ought to simply call your ISP and complain. Don't waste anyone's time here.
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    I'd first run another test with your Mac plugged directly in to the modem (bypassing your router). If that tests well, you'll know it's an issue with the router. Perhaps it's simply time to upgrade that.

    If it tests low with the router excluded, call your ISP. You may need a new modem that can handle those speeds; a lot of providers are still in the process of distributing new DOCSIS 3 modems that can handle higher speeds.

    Also maybe try another device; is it only your Mac that's having the issue? In that case, check browser stuff as @IHelpId10t5 suggests.

    And as others have said, use a third party speed test like or
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