Fastest way to get New MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ph900921, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. ph900921 macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2008
    Hi I am a PC user for over 15 years but after trying out my roommates Mac I decided to give it a go. My PC is currently broken and I am therefore urgently in need of a computer because my term has already started. I want a powerful computer that will last but he tells me that the only customizable things like glossy screens are unnecessary and that the standard issue ones like a 2.5 to 2.6 GHz and 2ish gb of ram will be fine. I am willing to go to the largest store in San Francisco (which is nearby) and pick one up. Do you think the store will have them ready by 10AM when it is announced or am I better off getting one online with a bit more customizability? Thank you!
  2. synth3tik macrumors 68040


    Oct 11, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Authorized sales centers with technicians or Apple geniuses will only add RAM. If you are looking for a particular model I would call and see if they have it. If you want something a little more customized you'll have to get a BTO machine from
  3. UltraNEO* macrumors 601


    Jun 16, 2007
    Sometimes when Apple release new products and updates, people queue up in the street! Occasionally they're there for a couple of nights... Maybe if you went there on the launch or release day, you'll be mobbed by all the other fans who are desperately seeking a new machine?

    Buying online can suffer from shortage of stocks too and Apple has been known to keep it's customers waiting.. waiting.. waiting..

    Personally I'd wait.. but that's me.
  4. ph900921 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2008
    oh by customize i dont mean that I just mean maybe choosing what kind of hardware like processor speed. So all I want to know is will they only have 1 or 2 types of MBP's there with standard settings or will they have some variety?
  5. nick9191 macrumors 68040

    Feb 17, 2008
    Nope, your out of luck unfortunately.

    Will arrive in stores about 2 weeks after announcement, upto 6 weeks if customised.

    Of course that might not happen, I'm just going on what has happened in the past. There are exceptions to that rule: The original Mac Pro, the iPods, all shipped the same day/in a few days. Other than that, 2 weeks minimum.

    Bad time for your computer to break eh.
  6. Habusho macrumors 6502

    Aug 12, 2006
    Stores, even the apple store only stock the stock configurations of each size laptop. So in 15" MBPs today you have two stock configurations and one 17" configuration. The difference with the MBPs is usually a small CPU speed and slightly less RAM on the GPU on the cheaper 15".
  7. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    We don't know really. I know for the Penryn MBPs they shipped the computers the morning of to the stores; even though I got to the store early, I had to wait for them to inventory everything first.
  8. squeeks macrumors 68040


    Jun 19, 2007
    people dont queue up for notebooks...we're talking 3000 dollars not 300
  9. techound1 macrumors 68000


    Mar 3, 2006
    Oh, go get a refurb from the online store today. You'll have it in a matter of a day or two, you can play around with it and decide which mac bells and whistles you like, and in a year sell it and buy a by-then-bug-free new design.
  10. NT1440 macrumors G5


    May 18, 2008
    Yes you can get them early, but your gonna have to do some things for an apple store security guard that im sure youll regret later ;)
  11. ph900921 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2008
    so i'm better off ordering it online on the 14th? Around how long will that take to get to CA?
  12. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    Depends on availablity. Worst case scenario, 3 weeks plus shipping.
  13. ph900921 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 9, 2008
    ugh that kinda blows...

    i guess ill test my luck in the line on the day at a store.
    thanks everyone for your help
  14. LinMac macrumors 65816

    Oct 28, 2007
    What was the availability of the units for the last say 3 or 4 refreshes?
  15. ventro macrumors 6502a

    Sep 23, 2006
    Do not get a new product on launch day. Wait at least a couple months until the issues are detected and ironed out. And there are always issues.
  16. Tex-Twil macrumors 68020


    May 28, 2008
    HAHAHA. I've been waiting for more than 6 months for the new MBP so I will not wait a couple of months more. If there are issues -> Applecare

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