Faulty iMac Refurb Store Advice

Discussion in 'iMac' started by lc25, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Jul 31, 2009
    So i received my top spec i7 iMac on Thursday and when i first started using it i noticed the DVD drive didn't pick up a DVD first time around, I had to use disk utility to look at it and then it worked and continued the install (2part adobe install). Around Saturday the machine started locking up and running slow when i was browsing the net and running crossover games to the point where i couldn't use it. The hard drive has been making a few clicking noises which did sound a bit loud anyways this morning didn't work at all and just froze on the apple grey loading screen then followed by the blue screen (press the power button and then back on again and i see my desktop but its all frozen) tried following the boot guide but it wouldn't boot from DVD no matter which way i tried. Just had an appointment with a genius and he said just return it as its under 14 days and they should replace it ASAP if i state i need it for work or other viable reason. Has anyone else had anything similar ? did you get a upgrade (which is what the genius was implying)
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    Some of your problems sound similiar to mine when I recently bought a refurb iMac. I can't help but wonder if you ended up with the same one I had.

    See my initial post when I first got it. Then see my second post when my problems started occurring.

    #1 Blown Away: 27" iMac i7 16GB RAM

    #2 iMac Freezes (npvhash=4095)

    I ended up getting a brand new iMac as a replacement and it's been great so far.

    I'm curious to know your serial number to see if it really is the same one I had.
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    Just return it. My first refurb was missing the wireless network card (I guess they just forgot to put it in). A short call to Apple was sufficient, they sent a delivery agency to pick the machine up few days later.
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