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Sep 10, 2015
Pompano Beach, FL
Can someone sell me on the idea of a sports or milanese loop?

I've got 2 of the solid Apple sports bands (Ultraviolet/purple & black) and one with holes (Nike, black) for a

I tried on the woven sports loops & milanese loop at the Apple store when I picked up my S4, but only very briefly. I wasn't sold on the feel of them.

I live in Florida & exercise a bit (sweat). I work in an office where business casual to formal is normal.

I love the look of the milanese loop & that might be a better fit at work sometimes.

The leather or anything with a buckle, or the link bracelet, are really distasteful to me.

Apple Watch 4 Space Gray 44mm.


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Jan 1, 2011
L.A. (Lower Alabama)
The loops fit everyone. They are easy and convenient.

The sport loop is my absolute favorite. It's incredibly comfortable, goes with almost anything, dries fast, and comes in lots of color choices.

The Milanese loop goes with those things with which you wouldn't wear a sport loop. Still comfortable and easy to wear.
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May 24, 2010
I dislike the sport loops. No matter how fast it dries, it is wet for awhile. With a sport band it is dry as soon as you wipe it with a towel or something. Maybe I am too rambunctious washing my hands, but I strongly dislike wet watch bands.

I also found the sport loops to feel hot to me, but maybe I just don't like the feeling of the material. You already have my favorites (sport band and nike bands). My wife likes here Milanese quite a bit though. I have one, but have only worn it a couple of times.
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Sep 10, 2015
Pompano Beach, FL
So I now have many Sport Bands, and 1 Sport Loop and 1 Milanese Loop. (I discounted leather or buckles since those just don't seem like a good style for the AW to me personally).

I had only bands the first year of having an AW. I loved them.

So far, I love the Sport Loop & Milanese as well. At first the Sport Loop felt stiff, but now it's really comfortable. The Milanese Loop felt hard, but now I'm used to it. Both Loops are finely adjustable so that's nice and seem to breathe well. The Sport Loop looks cool with all the different colors woven in, & Milanese looks beautiful - it's obviously very fine (tiny parts) and glints in the light just right.


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Sep 25, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
I have a couple of Sport Bands, which I like for working out or doing something active like biking or even yard work. These are probably a go to for me for casual situations or working out.

A very close second would be a 3rd party leather band which is also good for dressing up the watch but can be both more professional looking or upscale casual--at least to suit my tastes.

I work from my home office but also travel for work. I have a 3rd party Milanese Loop that I wear for corporate functions/business meetings, etc. That's probably my go to for business events.

The Sport Loop is comfortable but it's also the one I have the least experience with. Not sure if it's because I have other options or I don't like the way it looks on the wrist as much. It literally will fit anyone though and that's a plus because my wrists are large. Someone in another thread mentioned the SL is the "sweatpants" of Apple Watch bands and that seems to be a good analogy based on comfort.

I also really like the nylon bands they made but I will say they are not large wrist friendly as I'm maybe 8 1/4. Much like the Sport Loop they're close to the last holes on the band.

Back to leather for a moment. Leather is timeless and I get it that you may not like the look. If that's your perspective that's cool.

Here are my favorite and only leather bands I'll use. From FFF. Alpine Gray Suede and Dark Brown Leather. I like the look of both. Oh and comfort wise, there is not a single band I own that compares to how comfortable these are. Notice the stud that locks in the band, it's out of the way so there's nothing under your wrist.


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