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Aug 14, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Allright, I posted another thread about what you are thankful for, but let's get down to the good stuff here. What is your favorite Thankgiving food item? It could be traditional or maybe a specific family tradition. Do you only get this treat at Thanksgiving or is it an all the time guilty pleasure? Whatever it is, tell us about your Thanksgiving meal and your specific favorite part of it?


Okay, let me preface this by saying that I come from a family of cooks. Both of my parent's are good ole' southern cooks, my brother in law is a chef and a caterer, my other brother in law is a hunter and grill master, my sister is the "Lilly White" girl who does food demo's for Lilly White Flower, and my wife, well let's just say I've gained some weight since we've been married. Food is a big part of our holidays and there's usually enough to feed an army. Now, it may sound crazy, but I think my favorite food at Thanksgiving is actually leftovers. I mean it, the initial meal is great, but being able to crack open the fridge for a few days after and just help myself to scrumptious turkey and ham sandwiches or mashed potatoes, dressing, and gravy. I mean c'mon, seriously, at no other time of the year do you get these kinds of possibilities at your fingertips. Whether it's breakfast or a midnight snack after Thanksgiving those options are there for a few days. How wonderful, it's easy to understand why people tend to gain the holiday pounds. :D


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Dec 4, 2005
My mom makes this delicious bread stuffing (not that crappy box kind) with dried cranberries. My goodness... it's amazing. I may or may not have eaten the entire pan's worth last year. :eek:


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Nov 12, 2009
Agreed, stuffing for sure.
Green bean casserole with the crunchy dried onion things on top is a close second.
And a good home made gravy is crucial.

Being from Michigan we allays have kowalski holiday sausage, perogies and Vernor's too.


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Sep 30, 2008
I like the canned jellied cranberry sauce that comes out of the can like from a mold while maintaining the shape of the can. But only if I get to eat the whole thing.

Also, my wife makes this pumpkin mousse from homemade whipped cream, pumpkin pie filling and sugar, but there might be vanilla or something else extra in it. Simple yet awesome.

This year we are trying a deep fried turkey and a sweet potato casserole made with Snyder's Sourdough Pretzels. I'm also going to try using the pumpkin mousse in place of whipped cream on my pumpkin pie. I love Thanksgiving...

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Apr 16, 2009
Stuffing. Over and over and over again. If I could swim in it, then eat it, I would.

Wait, no, If I could take a shower first, then swim in it, then eat it, I would.


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May 27, 2003
Asheville, NC
Pretty much anything my dad makes. His stuffing is always good...and I like anything cranberry, so anything with cranberry in it :)


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Aug 14, 2008
Dallas, Texas
This year we are trying a deep fried turkey....
The deep fried turkey is awesome. My brother in law, the chef, does them every year as a part of his catering business. I have no idea how many he actually delivers, but I know it's a lot. It's a different flavor than the traditional oven roasted turkey and the meat is very tender. Just be careful not to blow up or burn down anything. :D


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Jul 20, 2008
i'm not that big into food. I eat to live. So put some stuff on a plate and it will be good to me. (as long as its healthy)


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Aug 19, 2003
Mom’s cornbread stuffing, my aunt’s squash casserole and my grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.



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May 7, 2006
Of the traditional American foods, got to be the pumpkin pie and the turkey...but my favorite part of my family's typical Thanksgiving dinner is rødkål (Danish pickled red cabbage). YUM.


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Dec 29, 2007
Sweet potato casserole, with marshmallow melted on top. I especially love the corners and sides where the marshmallow crusts up a bit.



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May 22, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
Well, my favorite course is dessert. At Thanksgiving, that means mince meat pie! Yum! I love it. (Just don't look at the ingredients.) There are zillions of different recipes for it.

Pumpkin pie is a close second. Apple pie is great too. Hang on, I have to go have a chocolate fix....
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