Favourable comparison of 4S camera with pro-DSLR


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Oct 20, 2011
Good read and pictures, makes me love my iPhone 4S even more now :D

M Quick

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Nov 9, 2011
Stockholm, Sweden
I wonder what lens she used with the 5D2.. Because the lens is in many times much more important than the camera itself. Even though a pro dslr with a crappy lens will outperform any point and shoot pretty much.

The comparison shots, i do preffer the dslr-photos, but on the other hand, the iPhone 4s photos does great at capturing the moments if you have in mind that it's just a cellphone camera, which is awesome!

I used to always carry my DSLR+penisenlarger lens everyday just to have it ready for any photo i might want to take, but since i got the 4S i haven't done that as much i must admit..


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Sep 15, 2004
Gilbert, AZ
The 4S camera is very admirable, and one of the reasons I came back to Apple (went Droid RAZR for a few... days).

Anytime we go somewhere w/ the family I tend to bring my T2I and a few lenses/flash with me as I'm a photo junkie, but I can't always do that so having a decent camera on my phone is a big deal so I don't have to bring an additional Point and Shoot just in case.

I've been very impressed with the iPhone 4/4S and one of the big reasons is the camera. RAW would be nice so I could fix photo's a bit later on down the line, but I'll take it.
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