FC Studio Issues w/ Transitions & Moving Clips

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by thedirtyduo, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Apr 17, 2007
    Hi everyone, I have a few issues...

    1. Transitions: Can I do a transition from the end of the clip on V1 and the beginning of the next clip on V2? My problem: I edited an hour lecture that has two camera's A & B. I put all of camera A on V1 and all of camera B clips on V2. I put a "cubspin" transition on V2. The transition worked fine. I did the same for a "swing transition" and it worked fine. I went back to review the video after I was done and the transitions now don't work properly. The "swing" transition doesn't work at all even thou it's on the timeline. The "cube spin" works on V2 but half way through the transition the other half of the cube spin for V1 is right behind it not utilizing the transition.

    I noticed that in the Help Section of FCP they do all transitions on the same video line (V1). But when I do cross dissolves with graphics I can put that graphic on ANY video line and the transition works, what is also weird is that it's only some of the cube spins and swing, not all of them.

    2nd: Example I have a bunch of clips on V1 and V2. I have a clip on V2 that has a transition. When I delete the transition the entire timeline adjusts, now all my audio to the right is off sink! How do delete a clip or insert a clip without the entire timeline moving.

    3rd: Can I take a picture of the FCP timeline screen?

    Sorry there is a lot here! Im new at this! Any short cuts that will help me correct these mistakes would be very helpful!

    Im using Final Cut Studio (academic version) on a new Mac Pro
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    You can take a screen shot by using the program Grab that comes with Macs.

    As far as your timeline issues, I don't know what's causing the problem, but I do have a question. Are the clips you've added full clips or are they a part of a full clip using standard in and out points? Transitions require you to have handles or extra video on before and after the edit. You might have to make the handles bigger.

  3. Reach macrumors 6502a

    Sep 7, 2006
    I dont' know if I understand you correctly, but a transition must be applied to a cut between two clips on the same layer (ie V1) for it work properly. Fades etc work either way, but many transitions requires both the out and in clip, and if you put the two clips on different tracks, the transitions won't automatically understand what other clip to use.

    When you insert clips etc, you have "Insert", "Overwrite", etc, which will all affect your timeline in different ways. Read about those different modes of inserting clips, it's pretty important. If you drag the clips in by mouse, notice the difference in the cursor if you keep the mouse in the top part of the track you want to insert it into vs. the lower part? (There is a fine line on the track) There is a difference in where you have the mouse when you drop the clips, also important.

    And there's a lot more, I'd suggest getting an elementary Lynda.com title on FCP editing, if you are somewhat serious in learning the application. :)

    And sorry if I misunderstood your problems and answered something else entirely!

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