FCC Documents: The new MacBook originally featured a Lightening Port?

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    I was perusing through some FCC documents Apple has submitted for new products.

    I noticed some interesting things.

    One of those things concerns the new MacBook that Apple announced last Monday. In one of the fillings published publicly on March 9th (the day of the event) there are documents concerning a 'Portable Computer' that matches the description of the new MacBook (see this label location image - it's not an iPad, it clearly is a MacBook).

    In one of those documents, there are details of compliance testing, something regularly carried out on products requiring FCC certification. However, listed in that document is the type of ports on the device.

    A headphone jack and a Lightening connector.

    On page 18 of this document, you can clearly see that those are the only external ports listed on this device.

    It's important to point out that this document has a date of February 13th 2015 and it says that testing was conducted in October of 2014, suggesting that the Lightening connector was swapped out for the USB C connector late in development.

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    Well they obviously managed to get the weight down to where they wanted so they no longer needed the lightening port.:D

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