FCC Questions U.S. Carriers on Phone Location Data Sales Practices

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    Meta-data. Thanks for the taxi analogy. That is superbly illustrative. I hail a taxi, he logs my place and time of entry, my place and time of exit. No name is mentioned, but meanwhile, CCTV cameras and my (likely) smart phone is logging my movements via GPS mapped to my phone number courtesy of my carrier. But yeah, not my personal data, no name is mentioned (wink, nod).
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    Are they going after any of the middle men who are reselling this on to people they shouldn't be?

    I could be wrong or not remembering it exactly, but I recall reading that the carriers have very strict guidelines on who it can be shared with when it sells it to these companies (who then resell it on), and that the resellers are in violation of not only their contracts but law enforcement by ignoring the limitations of who's allowed to access the data.
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    “... capitalism is self-regulating”... ha ha ha ha ha

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