FCE and Sony HDR cx560v? Help.

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Soura2112, May 3, 2011.

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    Jun 26, 2008
    So a few days after my birthday I picked up the Sony HDR cx 560v because I like the features, need a small camera, and as a Best Buy Silver member I get 45 days to return it while I search for better deals and of course to see if I like it. Been waiting for the new Final Cut Pro, Final Cut X now, so I only have FCE hooked up at the moment, not an iMovie fan but will use it if needed until FCX comes out. I use my friends FCP though he's not in the area at the moment to test the new camera out on.
    To my point, I did some very quick videos out of the box in standard HD, have yet to use 24p or 60p. So I plugged in via USB (I'm used to fireWire) and all the files were VLC. Also tried taking pics which iPhoto found with ease. I'm not sure what extra steps I will need to do get the video to FCP or even IMovie. I read a bit on the subject though it was other cameras. I read these files can be converted using other programs except im looking for either free apps or cheap apps that do the job since I hope FCX runs my new camera with ease. I'm running a 8 core Mac Pro so if there's a 64 bit program that would be great, just want speed in the process. Besides waiting for for FCX im trying to save money for new hardware, display, external blu ray, and other stuff.
    I don't mind an extra step as long as I don't loose quality and I love to learn new work arounds.
    Any suggestions? I have always used tapes and other cams I used with memory cards were a simple to transfer to FCE and FCP. I'm guessing these steps may go away since it's a fairly new camera and said programs need an update.
    This is the first time I needed help with a camera while using FCE and iMovie (cant say enough how much I want to stay away from iMovie 11), I just don't have too much time to do my trial and error so asking for help.

    BTW: for a camcorder this thing takes amazing video and surprised how well the manual focus works for this kind of camcorder so I would like for everything to work with ease. Thanks again
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    Jun 8, 2009
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    I'm guessing the 560 is one up from the cx550 I have. It will most likely record in avchd, if so, connect the camera to your mac via the usb. Go into final cut express, instead of selecting log and capture as you would with tape. Select log and transfer. Should load up a window with the items on your camera, select the clips you want to load into the project and click add to queue.

    Hope this helps,

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    Jun 26, 2008

    That was a great help. Thanks!

    Now to discover some of the new features on the camera.
  4. NFox macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2009
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Once you've had a play get some footage up :) Let me know how you get on with the front wheel for focus etc too on the 560, I find it a bit of a pain on the 550!

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    Jun 26, 2008

    Again thanks for clearing up my problem cause I didn't want to use iMovie until FCX came out. Mainly because of having 45 days with the camera to see how much I can do with a consumer camcorder.

    The wheel is a good and bad. The placement is not in the best place though I kinda of prefer under the lens because my hands are a tad big so a finger could accidentally end up in the shot. I would prefer the focus to be on the lens if it was build like a DSLR.

    So far I have got some pretty cool shots with the manual focus. My best looking through the bars up my staircase to my dog laying behind the bars, it looks very cool for this kind of camera. I have not had real manual focus on a camcorder before so I really like it. My past consumer cams had manual focus that was junk, so for me this is leaps and bounds. Though I hear ya on it being a pain, I am still finding better ways to use it, like I do with all cameras.

    Since Sony is being pain with generic batteries I am lucky to have a Frys near by so I did an online price match and got the 4.5 hour battery for only 57.99, and hope to do the same with everything else I will need. .

    I will update you when I post some YouTube footage from the camera. I have yet to see any footage on their using the manual focus.
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    Jun 26, 2008
    New problem

    First off I need FCX! Been waiting so this problem hopefully doesn't occur.
    Log and transfer was working great. Then I messed around with all my cameras options, 24p, 60p, 60i, and different qualities, all on the same internal memory card. Anyway now every time I open FCE and try log and transfer FCE closes and displays a code of reasons, I can't read codes.
    Could 60p and 60i be the problem? I figured if it was it would only upload what the program could read, not crash it. I just dumbed all the cameras files to my Mac and erased them from the cam, now to see if that's the problem. Except now all my older videos I will need to go an extra step to get them in FCE.
    I have read articles about how to fix this, except nothing has worked for me. I still have time to return my Sony 560v but I lovE the video quality.
    Wish I knew more about FCX or if it comes out before my 45 day return policy so I can find a camera that works better with all FC programs.
    I miss the days of simple FireWire cams! This is my first time using log and transfer. Miss FireWire, I loved it, made everything easy. I also looked up a way to capture the old fashion way via FireWire or HDMI to FireWire but no luck with my current set up. Once FCX come out I would like to get an HDMI hook up on my Mac Pro, if it works correctly.
    Thanks for any help cause all the articles I read were a couple years old so maybe there's new ways to fix my problem.
    Thanks again!

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