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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by fef714, Sep 7, 2009.

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    May 18, 2009
    When I have the video in the Canvas on Final Cut Express, it is great quality, both video and audio.
    Unfortunately when I export it, the audio sounds grainy, and the video looks terrible.

    When I export using Quicktime Movie (pic 1) the video has lines through it and audio sounds poor.

    So then I tried Quicktime Conversion, and I found the video to be distorted. When I say distorted I mean this by; in FCE my video is in 16:9, but Quicktime puts it in 4:3, and it doesn't do this by placing black bars on the top, but it squashes the image.

    The Quicktime Conversion export setting are in pic 2

    I was wondering what the best way to export is without losing ANY quality.
    Thanks! :)
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    May 18, 2009
    Oh here are the pics I was referring to, sorry I forgot to put them up

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