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    Jul 9, 2011
    I'm not sure if anyone's asked this on here before, but I've got two parts to my question:

    1. Does anyone know if FCE 4.01 works on Mavericks? I know it shouldn't work on anything beyond Snow Leopard, but I've lucked out so far with Lion and Mountain Lion. Upgrading to Mavericks seems like I'd be pushing my luck too far, but I was just wondering if anyone's tried it for themselves.

    2. Say I was told it worked...is there some way to use Time Machine to put your entire system back to before an OSX upgrade? With Mavericks being free and all, I might try and see what happens if I heard things were compatible, but if it shut FCE down, I'd need to go back to ML. Is there any simple way to do this, without performing open heart surgery and a chance of losing everything?

    If it's all not worth it, that's fine too...I'm just tired of iCloud trying to convert my documents to the new formats to edit in-browser away from my machine, and then saying I simply need to upgrade to Mavericks to open them back up on my Mac. I'll give that up before I give up FCE, though. Thanks for any help!

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