FCP 7 ... 64bit update?

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64bit update for FCP before year end?

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  1. robains macrumors regular


    Nov 27, 2009
    Of course I asked this on the Apple forums and it got deleted (as expected), but 3 responses came in before it did, one of them is a very informed source. I got the standard party line from this individual (whom I respect). But if "something" is not going to be a part of a NDA beta update, why state that party line at all??

    I was surprised to see a 64bit "free" update for LP9 to LP9.1 -- which appears to be working really well for me, but not so well for others with 3rd party add-ins. I would imagine that if we do see a 64bit update for FCP 7, that it'll run into many of the same issues as LP9.1 - broken 3rd party add-ins - leaving the 3rd party vendors to catchup with 64bit updates.

    Apple is under some real pressure to match Adobe's 64bit alternative (scheduled release for this year) and Sony Vegas 64bit alternative (already out) and AVID's 64bit SOFTIMAGE/XSI etc. etc. -- it seems 64bit is high on the priority list these days.

    So what do you folks think? We'll see a 64bit update to FCP 7 before year end? If so, will it be a free update or sold as FCP 7.5 and require purchase?

  2. nyzwerewolf macrumors regular

    Jul 11, 2007
    Long Island, NY
    I hope third party plugin developers hop on the 64bit wagon before Apple releases a 64bit update to FCP 7. I was incredibly impressed by the Adobe's 64bit Workflow (Mercury Playback Engine) that is hoped to be released this year. See Mercury Playback Engine in action.

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