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Jan 10, 2011
Hello I am new to FCP 5.0.4 I also have another setup using Media 100p which I am now trying to convert over to FCP on a quad core G5 PPC. The problem I am finding is that in the original system I could have a Firewire input for the Cam and Firewire output for the Canopus box to view on a large TV screen at the same time. However, with FCP I cannot seem to Log and capture if another Firewire port is still connect to the Canopus box. I can't see any Firewire selection in the various options to say..” Use this one for Cam in and use this one for the Canopus box”. On the Media 100p system the Canopus box appeared in a list of devices so you could make a decision as to what you wanted the system to know.. I am assuming I am missing a simple menu somewhere but not found it yet,, Any help would be appreciated Thanks John


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Jun 6, 2011
I haven't used it for quite a while, but the Canopus by itself is already recognized as a capture device. FCP can only have one connected at a time. IIRC, we simply daisy chained the camera with the Canopus. However, output to monitor didn't work then.
Sadly, it seems that you can only have one or the other.
If you need external monitoring while capture, try if you can find an old Kona card for PPC on ebay. Im not sure, though, if you can send the signal to the card during capture.


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Jul 17, 2002
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Can you output from the camera via S-Video or composite to your monitor? Should work while capturing via Firewire from camera.
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