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    Hey Guys

    Have just finished quite a big edit, I shot using a Z1 in HD, have just finished the edit and realised that the sequence has somehow reverted to pal so when I output it as HD It is stretched and in DV PAL not in HD.

    Ive tried clicking on the sequence and changing it to HD but the clips are all shrunk.
    Ive also tried starting a new sequence and copy and pastiung the items in but again they are all shrunk,

    Is there anyway I can save having to reedit the whole entire dam thing
    Can i make it off line anfd reconnect or something like that

    Anyhelp appreciated before I screm !!
  2. thedarkhorse macrumors 6502a

    Sep 13, 2007
    often when you change the sequence settings your clips will be stretched and/or shrunk when the frame size changes. The best thing to do is fix the first clip and then copying those settings to all your other clips, it doesn't take too long and it's a handy thing to learn.

    Double click your first clip, it will open in the viewer window, at the top of that window click the "motion" tab. Adjust the size/scale and distort settings to fix the clip, often it means changing the size to 100% and the distort to 0. When you've fixed the first clip, right click and copy the clip. Select all the clips in your timeline and with them all highlighted right click and select "paste attributes", a window will pop up, select "Basic motion" and "distort" and hit OK. All of your clips should now have the proper size and aspect ratio like your first fixed clip.
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