FCP sequence jitters?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by qbert2, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Hi, in FCP I have nested a few clips together into the foreground and I also key framed the clips movement patterns and I just cant seem to force the the clips to play in good/high quality. THe clips jitters when it moved from point A to Point B. In someways the edges have faint/scanline/jitter effect that I don't want. I have spent numerous hours and can't seem to find the solution on google or other sites. I go to my sequence setting and I cant figure out what do fix it. From sequence settings I was using Custom for my vids in there and key fame from left/ right and up/down. I also nested my clips so that they stay together.

    An example of what I want to see correctly done on my computer. At the very end it shows clips moving. Mine jitters like a glitchly carpet.

    Another update when I export my file I see a bit of scan lines when clip image is moving.

    If you can find a better tutorial or instructions on how to pan the moving image from any direction without any jittering or low quality out put.
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    Jun 26, 2002
    Sounds (looks) like interlacing issues.
    Can you post a screen shot of the anomaly?
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    I always had the same problems with my keyframed still photos in Final Cut when making photo montage videos. Not sure if this will give the same effect when applied to video clips, but I fixed it by opening the photo into the viewer, going to the Motion tab, and checking the Motion Blur box. You can adjust the value to just enough to get rid of any interlacing issues without softening the content.
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    Are you saying you are keyframing a clip to move from one point to another over time? And that clip is smaller than the viewing screen? If so, your answer is motion blur. Any element you introduce movement to, whether it be video, a still, etc needs motion blur to look real to our eyes. Move your hand past your face real quick and notice you see a blur, not a bunch of hands moving in small increments at 24 fps.

    The motion blur controls for each individual layer should be enabled. You can find them in the motion tab for each clip if you double click it to your viewer.


    It defaults to 500% blur and 4 samples. Depending on your movement you will have to change one or both of these. I will always use 32 samples and adjust my blur percent from there. And the ONLY time I do this is if After Effects is unavailable or I'm just doing something quick. The blur engine in FCP is awful and takes FOREVER to render.

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