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    May 16, 2007
    IJsselstein, the Netherlands
    Let the folly of CPU benchmarks end. Let us define a use-based benchmark. The Mac is great for video editing so let us use Final Cut for defining the speed.

    I don’t care if the latest model has a e.g. 20% faster CPU. I want to know how much faster I can use Final Cut. Not only against the previous model, but against a whole range of Mac’s in various configurations. Preferably dating back to the G5 era because I only upgrade once in the 3-5 years.

    I have taken a late project of mine and posted all the material on the public folder of my iDisk. The project is shot in the far north of Sweden: let me introduce you to IceHotel™ number 19.

    Project info:
    • Link to iDisk: public.me.com/coenjeukens
    • FCP project file size: 920 KB
    • Media folder size: 2.51 GB
    • Project length: 9 minutes and 11 seconds
    • Source clips: HDV PAL 1080@50i (Sony HDR HC7e)
    • FCP project file version: 6.06
    • Sequence settings: HDV PAL 1080@50i
    • Estimated output file size in HDV PAL 1080@50i: 1.73 Gb

    Project effects:
    • The clips were all shot hand held under difficult conditions. Various clips contains stabilization filters (SmoothCam)
    • The white balance had a hard time with everything being white. The project contains colour corrections.
    • Various clips have a time remap to quicken horizontal pans.
    • Motion combined with stills
    • Contains text generators and lower thirds.

    Start the test:
    • Download the FCP project file labelled “Benchmark” in FCP benchmark Icehotel > FCP
    • Download the Media file in FCP benchmark Icehotel > Media (69 files).
    • Open the FCP project file labelled “Benchmark”. FCP will report that the links need to be updated. Do so according to where you have stored the Media files.
    • In FCP select the sequence called “benchmark”
    • Execute File > Export > QuickTime Movie
    • FCP will prompt to say it needs to process a number of files to generate the “mtdf” files (for SmoothCam). Agree.
    • Set output destination and start the clock.

    I have included a folder with the output files for reference purposes:
    • Benchmark.mov: The file that should be generated as a result of this SpeedTest (1.73 GB).
    • Benchmark.m4v: The downscaled version (iPod settings) of the output file (108.7 Mb).

    • Report the time required to process the “mtdf” files and the time needed to “write audio and video”
    • Add the Specs of your Mac (About this Mac – see picture
    • Report your results in a post to this thread.
    • Regularly I will update the results in a single xls file located at FCP benchmark Icehotel > SpeedResults

    Happy testing ... and I do not have any commercial ties with the IceHotel (had fantastic holiday, even more special as this is where our first born is “created”)

    Coen Jeukens
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    May 16, 2007
    IJsselstein, the Netherlands
    Let me enter the first two speed results:
    1. PowerMac G5 DP 2.0GHz: 4 hours 51 minutes
    2. MacBookPro 15" C2D 2.16 GHz: 1 hour 11 minutes

    About This Mac details included in the attachments.

    A full overview of all testing results posted in this thread will be stored in a xls file at: public.me.com/coenjeukens FCP benchmark Icehotel > SpeedResults > FCPSpeedBenchmark.xls

    Coen Jeukens

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    This is way too big to just feature in a forum you should make a web site out of this.

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