FCP-sync clips to beat of music


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Oct 6, 2005
A while back I found a really cool tutorial on a quick and easy way to sync clips or pictures with the music. I thought i bookmarked it, but i may not have. I have a bookmark to a site that won't open anymore. Anyways, so I'm looking for some help.

In the tutorial he was able to listen to the song and then hit a key on all the beats he wants to change clips. So he did this for a while and then could go back and replace with a clip or something in between.

So, if anyone can provide me a link to a video tutorial or explain the best way to do this that would be great. I could figure out how to do it by trimming a placing a clip where it needs to go, but i know for sure there is an easier way. Thanks again.


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Aug 11, 2005
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Um, try this, its pretty common-sensual:

put audio to sync onto the timeline.

while the main viewing window is active, press play.

whenever you hear a beat, and you want a mark, press the marker button which is ' i believe

you will have to tweak things by looking at the waveform (turn on view waveform in timeline) because there is no way you can be dead on every beat.


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Jan 11, 2002
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IIRC he just hit the "m" key to place markers in the timeline. Just make sure your marker actually ends up ON the beat and not a little before or a little after it. When you cut to a bass drum, for example, and you are scrubbing frame by frame thru the timeline the bass hit will sound something like du-DUM (w/the "du" being the beater just hitting the head of the drum and the "DUM" being the full sound of the bass hit). You want your current clip to end on "du" and your next clip to start on "DUM". If you make your edit on "du" the image will feel like it's ahead of the beat a little bit instead of on the beat.



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Dec 11, 2006
He was probably hitting the key to put a marker at each beat. You can put a marker by either hitting M or the ` key.

edit: wow, all three of us replied with the same thing at the same time :eek:


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Oct 6, 2005
Ok, so I have the markers down. I was playing with them before and putting them down. So, whats the next step. My song is in the audio track of course, but now I want to place pictures in between all the markers. This is where my trouble is. I'm guessing i want to use the Fill when i insert but its giving me errors.

I'm trying to keep myself somewhat busy as my mind is continually watching AAPL stock free fall further and further:eek:


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May 27, 2004
The website you were on was www.kenstone.net

This is probably the tutorial you read.

What I do is just go frame by frame and watch the audio meter. If you have audio scrubbing on you can determine where the beat is. Once I find the downbeat I move back one frame, then drop the clip in. Usually works.


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Oct 6, 2005
alright, thanks I'll go through it. I think i remember looking at that, but the one i had was a video tutorial. Anyways thanks for the help.