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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by puckhead193, Mar 18, 2014.

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    I figure I better start a thread because I have way to many issues with FCP X... (apple needs to bring back FCP 7 :( )
    Anyway..issue 1: when applying a transition when I have multiple layers. All the layers get the transition. It seems like I'm only allowed to use the dissolve. I've been using Andy's Swish Pan forever to dissolve in/out of lower thirds to easily make them more interesting instead of fading in/out. But when I do, the transition is on all the layers... what the flack. It's even on apple's own transitions except for the dissolve. Is anyone else having this issue.

    I've attached a screen shot. Here I have 3 layers, the main video, a PNG (2nd layers) and another video file (top layer) that is cropped. I want the top and middle layer to "swish out" at the same time but the transition effects the main video... why? :confused:

    issue 2: I get this random XML error... any ideas what the means?

    There's more but this should be a good start. :p

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    Oct 20, 2011
    It may be because the way the transition is made. It is transitioning the layer to black, rather than the next video clip(in your example). I've run into that a few times in some of my projects. You could try a few things:

    1. Put the two layers that "swish out" into a compound clip and apply the transition inside the compound clip
    2. Open a copy of the transition in Motion and make your own version of it
    3. Try putting the transition clips in the main storyline with the bottom video layer below it, where audio would normally go.

    Those are just some guesses, I don't know for sure that any of those will work for that particular example. Good luck :)

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