FCP4.5 Sequence Setting Issues

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jmcgee, Aug 16, 2005.

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    Aug 10, 2005
    It seems that there is no firm background information included in FCP 4.5 on what sort of collection of settings you need to have given a certain way you've obtained a file and a way you'd like to output a file. It doesn't make any sense. **The Quicktime Movies in question were computer generated, NOT captured from a DV Camcorder or anything!**
    I have some questions regarding the following situation:

    1. I have two Quicktime Movies (.mov) that are clips I want to put in a "New Sequence". These movies were TIFF images: 1 image/frame that were concatinated (30frames/sec) in Quicktime to a .mov file. Ok.

    2. When I import these files into FCP 4.5, a "Select Sequence Preset" window pops up. The following presets are my choices: (WHICH ONE DO I CHOOSE?)
    (a)DV NTSC (b)DV PAL (c)DV50 NTSC (d)DV50 PAL (e)DVCPRO-PAL (f)DVCPRO HD-1080i60, 720p24,p30,p60 (g)Offline RT HD(Photo JPEG)-23.98,24,25,29.97,30 (h)Offline RT NTSC(PhotoJPEG)-23.98,24 (i)Offline RT NTSCAnamorphic(Photo JPEG) (j)Offline RT PAL " " (k)Offline RT PAL(Photo JPEG) (l)Uncompressed 10bit NTSC,PAL (m)Uncompressed 8bit NTSC,PAL

    3.If I don't choose one, and instead click CANCEL, I am not allowed to create a New Sequence. Is there a way around this?

    4. If I choose any one of the "Sequence Presets", I can create a New Sequence, which I do.

    5. When I need to Render my Sequence, I go to Sequence> Settings, and in the "Quicktime Video Settings", there are a number of ways [Codecs?], in which to render. I choose"NONE". If my aim is to export as an MPEG2 using Export> Quicktime Conversion, does it matter which Codec I choose to render my sequence as? Is "NONE" the correct setting?

    6. Since the frame size of the Quicktime movies I've imported as Clips =640x480, this is the "Custom"
    "Frame Size" I enter in. Is this correct?

    7. Then I Export>Quicktime Conversion>MPEG2 for the best quality playback given my current Frame Size=640x480, Frame Rate=30fps, PowerMacG5 1.8GHz, and DVI connection to external Video Monitor. Is this correct compression??
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    Mar 17, 2005
    I am not sure what exactly you want to do? Do you want to edit the video at all? If you just want to convert it to MPEG2 use quick time or compressor.

    If you want to edit in a timeline than you have to decide what your 'outgoing' settings should be (like NTSC or PAL or how big and how fast) before you creat a new Sequence. In most cases this the same as the original fouttage. If you dont know what that is open then. Highlight the file and hit 'command I'. That should tell you. If you need more info load the file into the media manager and scroll to the right. There is all the information you need.

    If you still dont know these guys can help with everything...


    there is no site that knows more about FCP.
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    What is your end goal? Are you trying to take that QT movie and turn it into a DVD?


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