FCPX 10.1.1 with 2009 Mac Pro Tower

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    Geek guys out there... help!
    One of my MacPro's (2008-09 tower) allows me to install Mavericks but won't allow me to install the upgrade to FCPX 10.1, it requires a new video card to allow installation. Ok... so the new video card that will run it (EVGA : VIDEO CARD GTX680 MAC 6008MHZ 256bit) will cost $700... that's ok, but does it make sense to spend that plus add more Ram to the existing 6GB?? I'm looking easily at $1,000 to run FCPX 10.1., hopefully comfortably enough for my assistant to cut with proxy footage.
    Am I better off taking that $1k and adding another $500 and buying a new Imac or laptop for $1,500, or even going for the new 15" 2,000 laptop??
    Note that I do love the fact that I can put 4 HHD's inside this VERY reliable though older machine.
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    I'd be looking for a Mac AMD 5770 or a Mac 5870, and upgrade the RAM to 16gb, or 8gb at the very least.

    Just google FCP X and 5770 (or 5870) for more info, indeed a 5770 used to be the card for FCP X

    Edit: There's a substantial range of video cards mentioned here in this Apple Support document:

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