FCPX 10.1.3 gags on AVCHD video

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jpine, Oct 8, 2014.

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    I just picked up a new AC90 Panasonic camcorder. Adobe Premiere Pro CC blows through the two hour AVCHD file without so much as a hiccup or a stutter. On there other hand, FCPX (10.1.3) is completely overwhelmed with a constantly spinning pinwheel with the same file. It even has problems with the files with the files I've transcoded to ProRes. My computer should be sufficient. It's a 2010 12-core MP, 64GB RAM and a flashed and modded Radeon 7970 card. All video is on a RAID and not the system drive. Any thoughts?
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    Dunno the issue but even my old 2008 MacPro and FCP flies through AVCHD video as long as its converted to PreRes first. What conversion app are you using?
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    strange - i have no problems with 24mbit avchd from my panasonic af-100 on my 3.5ghz i7/32gb ram/nvidia 560ti hackintosh, as long as the project does not get too long & complex. i just checked - skimming through a 20 min. project with a single video track barely got the cpu cores over 50% in activity monitor

    premiere has always been faster with avchd but with worse playback-quality. have you tried setting playback in fcp to "better performance"?

    just have fcpx transcode your media to prores proxy (proxy media) or prores 422 (high quality media) in the background - rightclick -> transcode media - and use those much faster intra-frame codecs for editing - fcpx will use the original files for the final render.

    prores should't be a problem on your machine - maybe it's the modded 7970 that causes problems. my 2009 13" mbp works fine with smaller - prores projects - but i use proxy files for longer things if i have to cut on it.
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    I'll swap out the GPU for an nVidia GTX 570 I have laying around and see what happens.

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