FCPX and Exporting: Any Other Apps?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jasonvp, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Hey folks -

    I'm currently a few days into my FCPX trial; along with that I also purchased the $50 Compressor add-on. My rig at home is listed in my sig: it's a pretty heavily modified Mac Pro with a nice nVidia card in it. I know nothing in FCPX is tuned to use the CUDA cores, and given that I've also enabled OpenCL on it. What I can't tell is whether or not FCPX is using it (is there any way to know?)

    My editing is purely for race track videos that I make with in-car cameras for sharing on YouTube. They're about 20 minutes long and include 2 camera angles (front and rear facing), along with a WAV file from an external sound recorder. My cameras are both Sony HD Handycams that cut to AVCHD.

    The work flow is: haul the AVCHDs into the NLE along with the WAV files. Sync the front, rear, and sound up for track session #1, cut it, add text, and then scale it from 1080p to 720p while exporting to h.264 MP4. During said exporting, I start editing the inputs from track session #2, then lather, rinse, repeat.

    I've been using Adobe's Premiere Pro to do this, and it works quite well up until the most recent version. It can export my vids in half real time because of the video card processing. And it has a superb Media Encoder application that comes with it, which handles the exporting while I keep editing.

    I was hoping Compressor would be similar, but... well.. it's still a 32-bit Carbon turd of an app. It's painfully slow, and ugly to boot. I watched while it tried to export one of the 20-minute vids that I cut with FCPX, and the export time started with real time (~20 minutes). From there it climbed up, and up, and up and... I just killed it because I wasn't impressed.

    Are there any other third-party apps that can tie into FCPX and handle the exportation, while the NLE itself is used for continual editing? Or is Compressor the only game in town?


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    Compressor is really the only video encoding app that has any form of integration with FCP.

    As for the rest of the video encoders (AME, Squeeze, Episode, etc.) out there, you would have to drop in a self-contained file already exported from your NLE.

    The thing about Compressor is that you won't get optimal encoding speeds from it with without using QMaster. QMaster is basically Apple's way of tricking Compressor into running multiple instances of itself during an encode job, thus allowing it to take advantage of systems with multiple processing cores. This article might help you a bit.

    In my experience, QMaster can be finicky from time to time though. Apple really needs to ditch QMaster and make Compressor a 64-bit Cocoa app with GCD support....

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