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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by hitek79, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, newb to video stuff guy here. I'm in the process of learning FCPX, and I'm learning very quickly that it's going to require a huge amount of storage, and I'm just looking for some tips on how to keep the files as small as possible, and also some ideas on how to store all the footage. I filmed about 9gb of video, but now that I've imported it to FCPX I have an Events Folder that's 18gb approx, and a Project folder that's around the same size. Is this how it should be? I feel like I have something set incorrectly that both folders are so large.

    Next question is storage. I have my Mac Pro set up with two 2tb drives, a 128gb SSD, and then just an older 250gb drive that I've been using as a scratch for PS CS5. Any suggestions on if that needs to be changed up at all?

    Thanks for any input!
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    File sizes for event and project files are correct. The only real way to reduce these sizes is to shoot at a lower bitrate or import as proxy media. I wouldn't suggest downgrading the quality of your video, you have more than enough storage to start building a library of content at full res and quality. One space saving tip is to save only the project files that you need most, and if you finish an easy project but don't need the project file any more, delete it. They take up as much space as the video files themselves.
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    Your specs seem fine. I take it the SSD is the OS drive.
    2TB total is a decent start for FCPX.
    You can back up your Events/Projects folder on one but make sure to place it in a different directory.
    There are apps out there that can help do this but I do it all the time by hand.
    With your settings you created two sets of data in your Events folder.
    The original and the transcoded (check this under the Event you used).
    Nothing wrong with that set-up, I've made the mistake of not Transcoding too many times and ended up with slow and buggy projects.
    Always Transcode your media especially AVCHD and h.264 footage.
    Too many horror stories with those two concerning FCPX.
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    The difference between the original 9gb and 18gb - was it transcoded to ProRes? What was the original format shot? In importing media to create Events there is an option to not bring in original media. Only transcoded media will (eventually) show up in Events folder. That would save some space as long as original camera media is on a drive that's always on-line. If you do this your Project files should be under 100mb.

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