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    Sep 17, 2014
    To my knowledge, native support for the H.265 codec in Final Cut Pro X is not in the update announced today. Does anybody know differently? Does anyone know if it is eminent?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Sep 17, 2014
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    It was not in the 10.3 announcement. However to my knowledge no camera shoots H.265 except the now-discontinued NX1, and some low-quality security cameras. Youtube will not accept H265 uploads.

    If you are talking about 4k, whether it's encoded as H264 or H265 it must generally be transcoded for smoothest editing -- whether FCPX or Premiere CC.

    After editing you would have to export that in some supported format, then transcoded it to H.265 using a third-party tool like Handbrake. Premiere CC does support H.265 directly but this is not enabled in the evaluation version -- you have to purchase (ie rent) the software.
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    Thanks so much for your response! This is super helpful! I do have the NX1 to shoot high-quality music videos in. Maybe I should just record them in a format other than H265. Thanks again!
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    From Final Cut Pro specification page, we get the information that Final Cut Pro currently does not have native editing support for H.265 footage. Therefore, to successfully import H.265 to FCP 7/X, you will need to transcode a codec transcoding process.
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    i'd guess that we won't see support until macs have kaby-lake cpus. those are the first cpus to fully support h.265 with intel's quicksync. so it might be as early as this year. while h.265 might be the future, it's sort of a hen-egg problem. only a few consumer-cameras encode in h.265 so it won't be on apple's top-priorities list. maybe this will change when we see hdr-and higher than 8-bit video trickle down to consumers - if that ever happens.
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    h.265 doesn't really have that many advantages the only really major one is that it supports up to 8k while h.264 only supports encoding up to 4k resolution.

    I just don't use 4k for anything so I stick with encoding all my youtube uploads in h.264 with handbrake which is my preferred software for encoding.

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