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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by illegalprelude, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Hey everybody, a FCPX question. I've created a sort of blueprint event that I based a lot of my videos on (they are short videos for my website). There is always an intro and a ending. Basically, the into is created, the ending is created and there is a middle section with just a place holder clip. When I'm ready for a new edit, I duplicate that project, rename and work away.

    However, an issue is that with the intro, the music ends at the same time as the related video clip so creating a compound clip or just inserting a video clip in place of the place holder is no problem. However, for the ending clip, I always have the music and given sound effect for the transition to kick in while the end part of the inserted clip is still playing.

    However, the way FCPX handles this is that when I do replace the new video, in place of the place holder, it also deleted those 2 audio files because they are linked to that clip, and not the ending sequence. Compound clip also does not work because the audio segment is longer then the video segment and so a compound clip just creates a black sequence while the audio is playing.

    I hope what I said makes sense and that somebody knows a remedy. I tried inserting a dud sequence under the main timeline while extends well under my ending video but the two audio files would not link to that.

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    When you do a "real" replacement edit (hold the new clip over the old one until it turns white, then release), you don't lose your connected clips.

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