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    Need your help ladies and gents.

    I tried to move a FCPX project from my iMac to my Macbook Air (don't laugh at me for editing on an MBA please).

    I moved the entire contents of the folder "Final Cut Projects," a folder created by final cut itself, to my portable hard drive. I also have all of my footage on that same drive. Now when trying to open the file on my MBA nothing really happens, I don't get even get a timeline with missing media. Everything just says "Create Project" and "Create Event" and my project window shows the picture attached, which looks like a missing media alert to me.

    BUT there is still no timeline. And I can't find any option to relink media.

    Any ideas? Or do I need to start all over?


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    I think the issue is that my final cut projects folder isn't in the main folder of my hard drive, i'm an idiot and put it in another folder called "final cut."

    when i try to move the events folder to the hard drive, where it should be, I get error -50

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    After fussing around I found a resolution.

    Unplug your hard drive and plug it back in. Make sure no programs are running. You should be able to move the folder without the -50 error.

    Then open the file, you will get the missing media error but you will have a timeline. Import the files into the events folder, and deselect the copy to final cut folder option if you want to save space. Then you should be able to easily relink.
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