FCPX Question - Create PowerPoint style?


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Oct 21, 2009

A little bit of a background. I am mostly a tutorial video producer. Mostly covering video game development or general software development. In the past, I have used Adobe After Effects to create the visuals. 90% of the time, this is mostly simple text with slide ins and outs. So this can be achieved like a PowerPoint presentation if I was in front of people in a classroom.

I want to lower my reliance on After Effects since it adds so much time to my workflow. Even 1080p video, at around 30+ minutes, takes about 30 minutes or an hour to export from AE. FCPX is much much faster. Plus, instead of performing all the slide ins and outs manually, I would like it if that could be sped up too.

Is there a way to implement this in FCPX? I do not have Motion, but I can get it if needed. Are there plugins for what I am looking for? I implemented a few videos already using purely FCPX, but I used the basic title. This seemed more like a hack because I had 20 titles stacked on top of each other at one point of the video (and I had a title last the entire 30 minutes).



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Jun 26, 2002
There are plugins that might help but you just can't beat After Effects for creating multi-layered media especially using font. Get Motion its cheap and handy if you want to stay in the FCPX ecosystem.
You can create libraries (parameters, dropzones, etc...) easily editable in FCPX.
I for one is way faster in After Effects and created a ton of templates for my line of work.
Its hard to pit a frame by frame animation software like AE against an NLE such as FCPX.


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Apr 23, 2010
Depending on what you're doing, you may want to consider doing all animation in PPT. It does not even come close to AE, but it does have a few things. Kind of like AE-xLite. Then, use QTP to record the screen while doing a slideshow. Once you get over the hump of learning PPT animations (and they're more on Windows than on Mac PPT) it's a pretty efficient way of creating "motion" in a video.
Alternately, Camtasia or Screenflow, which work with PPT.

Also, what kind of system are you using. Maybe a "better" system can speed up export?


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Jun 23, 2003
Use Keynote. It will open your PPTs and export straight to ProRes for editing in FCP X. If you want to pause in FCP X, skim to that point and Shift-H to add a hold frame.
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