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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Gazmac2010, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Hi all.

    I've got a FCPX project that comes in at 90 minutes with a file size of 27GB set at SD Anamorphic.

    I need to put this onto a 4GB DVD. I've tried iDVD but due the file being anamorphic it won't work.

    Any ideas on what is the best way to do this? Compressor or some other DVD authoring app.


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    Jun 26, 2002
    Its DVD-NTSC set to Anamorphic right? So its widescreen basically.
    When you try iDVD, does it want to convert first?
    I dont understand why it wont burn due to the anamorphic part.
    It doesnt support it?
    Also cant you burn straight from FCPX to DVD?


    Found this at Apple Support:


    Info below:

    Note that iDVD cannot deal with anamorphic SD video so you have to trick it as I describe using QT Pro player.

    +1. Edit your HDV/AIC in the timeline. Then create a new DV-PAL (NTSC) Anamorphic sequence. Copy your edited HDV/AIC to the new sequence. Do not alter anything. Render the sequence ..... this will take a long time - up to twice the length of the project. Then File>Export>QuickTime Movie (Not Self-contained).+

    +However, if you use the QT Movie in iDVD you will get a squashed 4:3 movie, so first of all you must make QT stretch it out to its proper 16:9 dimensions like this:-+

    +a. Open the exported movie file in the QT Pro player.+
    +b. Go to Window>Show Movie Properties.+
    +c. Select the "Video Track" and in the "Visual Settings" panel uncheck "Preserve Aspect Ratio".+
    +d. In the "Scaled Size" box set the width to 1024 pixels for PAL.+or 853 for NTSC+
    +e. The "Video Track" will have turned grey, so click it to make it blue again.+
    +f. The opened movie file will jump to 16:9.+
    +g. Close it with the red button and click Save.+

    +2. This method is fast. Set your HV20 to "Locked DV" which means that FCE/FCP will capture it as anamorphic DV and edit it as standard definition anamorphic DV. (Use Easy Setup ... DV-PAL (NTSC) Anamorphic).+

    +You can then Export>QuickTime Movie to be used in iDVD and use the stretching technique mentioned above.+

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