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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iPhone1, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Sneak peek of my post set to publish tomorrow on Cult of Mac. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    The honeymoon is officially over. With the release of iPhone 4 over two weeks ago, Apple has been hit by everything except the kitchen sink. From the 3G iPad privacy concerns to the most recent App Store hack, Apple has been in full damage control mode. This makes it the perfect time to add insult to injury.

    1- Lack of User Customization: Sure, iOS 4 adds the ability to choose your home screen wallpaper. That’s about the extent of the customization experience. What the iPhone still lacks are the basics. There is still no way to add your own custom sounds for SMS messages. You’re still limited to the default selections. There are many apps that use their own sounds for notifications but the user cannot select their own sounds for their own use. Same goes for FaceTime. There is no way to distinguish FaceTime callers without physically looking at the screen. Sure, it’s not that big a deal but it would be nice.

    2- Wireless Hotspot: This is one that really bugs me. How is it that if I jailbreak my iOS device and pay for an app like MyWi, I can instantly create a wireless hotspot? But if I go the legit route of paying the additional $20 a month on top of a $24.95 data plan (assuming you’re willing to give up your unlimited plan) I can only tether 2GB of data total and I’m still not able to make a wireless hotspot. I would have to tether using USB or Bluetooth. The iPhone and iPad are obviously capable of creating wireless hotspots so why not make it easy for the average consumer?

    3- Organized Notifications: It seems like Apple fails to make decent use of the lock screen. If I have multiple notifications, right now I only see the first notification on the lock screen. Once I unlock my device, I am hit by a flurry of unorganized notifications. Apple needs to take a cue from the Palm WebOS notification system. Users should be able to decide whether they want to see multiple notifications at once and also have the ability to save those notifications for future viewing.

    4- Wireless Syncing: Here’s one area where Microsoft has somewhat succeeded over Apple. I remember buying a Zune in late 2007 and being able to update and manage my media wirelessly with my laptop. We are now nearing late 2010. The technology exists to accomplish this type of wireless syncing (it exists for the iPhone if you’re willing to jailbreak). It is time Apple cuts the cord and saves iPhone users a few bucks. Especially since a dock is no longer included with any of their devices.

    5- Email: Yes, I love the new threaded and unified inbox but some of us need a bit more functionality. If you’re in your unified inbox, there is no simple indication telling you what inbox the current message is in. A simple color coded email or icon at the top of the email would make email much easier. There also needs to be an easier way to add media while still composing an email. If I need to add a photo from my camera roll, I have to either copy it from the camera roll or start my composing process from within the Photos app. Apple could simply add a function to the current Copy and Paste dialogue box. They could add something that says “Insert” when you tap and hold inside an email message which would allow you access to not only photos but apps such as GoodReader or even the PDF portion of iBooks. This would greatly improve an already outstanding email app.

    Well, that’s enough of my ranting and raving. iOS 4 is definitely the best iPhone OS we’ve ever seen. I just think it can improve even more. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until WWDC 2011 to see some of these improvements.
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    Apr 30, 2010
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    Notifications are truly horrible on the iPhone. They're production-stopping, annoying pop-ups that stop you from whatever you're doing. Hopefully with the hiring of the Palm OS designer they can fix this before iOS 5.
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    Definitely something like lock screen or widgets would be cool. I mean you see screenshots of the lock screen on an HTC Evo 4g and it's got all sorts of great info - would be nice to see that at a glance just on the lock screen.
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    Because these are things for future iOS updates. You know, the things that keep people from leaving and coming back. If they gave you all your presents in one shot, then they'd be out of amo.
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    to get in the kitchen and make me some waffles
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    Customizations would be a huge one. People love to customize their devices. (Go look in the iOS 4 screenshot thread.) Apple doesn't like it because some customizations can impact performance, and they want their product to run as well as possible at all times. But they're clever - like their approach to multitasking, I think eventually they'll develop new approaches to allowing customizations without granting so much freedom that users can make their device inoperable. One easy thing they could do though is allow custom icons for the built-in apps. How about new fonts now that there's a much higher resolution display?

    Outside of the customization concept - it'd be neat to see more animations, assuming it doesn't impact battery and performance. Like the clock system icon - animate it with the actual time. And the weather app - display the actual current temp for the first location configured, with little weather animations for the conditions. These are those "widget" things Apple seems to not want, but IMO it could make for a more interesting, interactive and ultimately appealing phone. (Assuming, again, they don't demolish battery life.)
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    One thing that has bugged be from day one but harldy ever gets mentioned so I amguessing it is not a biggie for most people. But I would love a little icon at tghe top of the screen to remind me that I have put the phone on silent.
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    The iPhone needs a totally revamped notification system (like the Palm Pre, for instance) and a good ol' FM/AM Radio app. :D
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    It's pretty amazing that this is the 4th version of the iPhone and Apple has yet to implement a better notification system or use the lock screen to display useful information.

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