iPhone SE Fed up with iTunes and iPhone.. Please help

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by comda, Dec 23, 2018.

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    As the title says,

    I've had it. my fathers iPhone SE (despite having 3 of them in my family) is lagging so I decided to update to iOS 12 which helped speed it up. But attempting to do simple things, that you'd think I could do easily on a smart phone in today's day and age is driving me insane.

    Trying to put his 2,700 photos back onto the phone, I can't do it through iTunes, because it makes them into a separate folder, not into Camera roll. The last time I did this, I went into that Album, select>select ALL> duplicate, and all the photos found their way into Camera Roll. Now that crashes the iPhone.

    The photo's are on my MacBook Pro, and I can't do air drop, because that's too many photos at a time. Is there ANY application third party that I can do a simple file transfer, of some photos to the iPhones Camera roll PLEASE?!
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    There's no easy way. Cowboy up and do it a bit at a time. 2700 photos on an iPhone is a bit excessive. That's called Camera Roll Hell.
    Use a file transfer app like File Browser. But don't try to transfer them all at once. That'll crash anything. Try 25-50 at a time.
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    If you made a normal backup of the SE iPhone, then putting the backup back after the update, would have put all the fotos back into the camera roll.
    Just don't forget that after the update, if it didn't place the files back, you need to re-synch the phone yourself, the get the transfer going, and get all the apps and files back onto the phone
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    Try the built in Image Capture app on your Mac.
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    The phone was acting up, so I wanted a clean install.
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    yeah.. that's how I got them off the iPhone.. now to put them back on..
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    Update: I've been doing clean installs on a few devices, and my family iPad had iCloud photos turned on, and I'm very confused. I downloaded 2,350 photos from iCloud, and about 1,777 from image capture. problem is, there is 2,622 total so that means about 1,300 are duplicates... Does photos on the Mac find duplicates?

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