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'FedEx Mobile' Now Lets Recipients Sign for and Manage Shipments


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Apr 12, 2001

FedEx has updated its iOS app with a number of new features to make life easier for customers receiving packages. Previously, the app focused more on shippers rather than parcel recipients.

Customers can use the app to track shipments, receive shipment history, forward tracking results and more, while U.S. residential FedEx customers can now use the app to:
Sign-up and use FedEx® Delivery Manager to customize deliveries to your home. You can request to:

- Schedule the delivery
- Deliver to another address
- Provide delivery instructions
- Sign for a package
- Schedule a vacation hold
- Hold your package at a FedEx location
FedEx Mobile is a free download for the iPhone and iPad. [Direct Link]

Article Link: 'FedEx Mobile' Now Lets Recipients Sign for and Manage Shipments


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May 8, 2010
This is has nice potential if the execution is good. Execution was/is bad for processing mobile ship labels at Fedex Office locations which is/was an excellent idea.
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