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    I know there are a 1000+ posts relating to IOS 7 and those who like it and those who hate it. But one of the most common references by the pro IOS 7 supporters is the uptake of users. Often with the claim, they didn't have to update.

    I dont think non techy users usually think this way.
    They have to a large degree been taught of the need of updating for the sake of their own security and quality of function.

    Anyway, back to the point of my original intentions.
    I follow a popular UK comedian on Facebook, and he mentioned the colours used in IOS 7. And while that was nothing special or indicated either a negative or pro view, the response from everyday users (non techies) was far from what I expected. Showing an even larger divide in opinions on the changes of IOS 7.

    With a large amount of users saying this change to IOS was enough for them to jump ship.
    Yet I have seen very few posts regarding IOS 7 that its so great that people wish to leave their old (lets say android or windows) phone for the new 7?

    I dont know how to link the exact post to here, but if you look in the past 24 hours of his updates, you will see an IOS 7 subject Tweet/update.

    But again, what is interesting is the view of his followers as while some like it. It would seem that a large majority don't. But rather than rubbing salt in pro ios 7 believers, I just wanted to pass over the link so you can see for yourself a more balanced view from the general public.
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    Jan 22, 2013
    Please can you post some of the salient points that attracted your interest. I'm not going to compromise my privacy by joining Facebook to see his point of view!
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    I am terribly sorry, I thought it was open.

    To be honest there was 300 comments and a large majority showed discontent with IOS 7. Yes there were some who did like it, but they represented a very small group.

    What was more so alarming was the notion that nothing could be done and apple don't listen so they planned moving to (example : Samsung) was the only choice they had left and that was an option they had now decided. And this is an area that Apple seems to have dropped the ball on. As once you restrict an already well protected eco system. And give users ever less ability to show their view on an apple product such as the ability to rollback to IOS 6. Then Apple will be falling themselves in terms of customer wishes.

    Yes the roll back could impact development.
    But it could also steer development to customers desires.

    I understand that Apple need to define their own direction.
    But doing it with only sales figures could lead to a offset reaction where what apple supplies and what customers want. Rather than an evolution of partnership between customers and Apple.

    If apple had allowed rollback to IOS 6, they could themselves see in numbers if they have their customers with them. Or if not, could ask why?

    But as people now start to look for alternatives, customer feedback is obviously no longer a real option. Since Apple don't want to hear it.
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    Oct 15, 2011
    The problem is the discontented are the most vocal... I myself would never have been a part of this forum if it wasn't for a problem I faced...
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    We don't know that, as if the discontented have their voice removed or attempted to partially silence them. Then how can issues be addressed?
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    Jan 22, 2013
    Apple have always been silent on feedback issues; that's the way they operate. But you can be sure that they are paying great attention to how people perceive and use their products. They just don't shout it from the rooftops, like you might find in other organisations.

    In the meantime, they can't build new iOS7 devices fast enough to keep up with demand. Millions upon millions of them.

    I guess a large part of the 'problem' is that so many existing users are well familiar with the way that iOS6 works, and IOS7 amounts to a real culture shock for them. I've said it before, and I'll say it again now: In a year's time, these arguments will be largely forgotten. There might be a few wrinkles with iOS7, but you can expect a series of updates over the coming months to address various issues.

    There are aspects of iOS7 that I don't like personally, but in general I do consider it to be a step forward with more pros than cons. And I'm an old fuddy-duddy, generally set in my ways. New features like iCloud keychain will be coming along, which I'm looking forward to. Apple won't be retro-fitting iOS6 with that, so good luck if you want to keep up with technology using an old OS.

    I'm not going to justify Apple's position for discontinuing iOS7 so quickly, but they will have their reasons. I doubt that spite or 'nannying' has anything to do with it. For all you and I know, there might be a sound technical justification for it. They will, of course, want as many users as possible to be using the same code if only to keep support more focused.

    I've seen ridiculous and meaningless statements like 'iOS7 made my baby cry'. Yes, well, young children are the worst examples to find of people who learn to do things one way and are then confronted with a new, strange way of doing things.

    At the same time, you hear of plenty of people who wouldn't dream of going back to iOS6 after a few months with the betas.
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    He is not asking to remove people who are discontent.. He is merely stating that people who are discontent will be the ones more vocal and will come online to, either find a solution or complain….

    Just like j4zb4, I come online if I have a problem which needs resolving or to pick some new tricks on iOS that I do not know about…

    I must admit, I do occasionally make snide remarks to people who I feel are over dramatising… but I also understand that issues not important to me are far more important to others… each to their own...

    You are talking of a group about 300 'comments' strong.. Out of 300 million people who have downloaded iOS 7, how really relevant & meaningful is this post….

    As j4zb4, said that people who are discontent are the ones most vocal, so on forums like these, you are bound to hear more about unhappiness with iOS 7, then happiness or indifference to iOS 7…

    Maybe, there will be a backlash and Apple may lose bucket loads of customers, but believing that on 300 people's comment on Facebook, seems a bit of a stretch….

    Don't you think?
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    Jun 11, 2012
    You don't need to sign in, just click 'view previous comments'.
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    Unhappy people complain far more than happy people compliment.
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    Oct 15, 2011
    Lol...? Where did I ever mention removing their comments or to silence them... Stop pulling quotes out of your a***... Try to understand what a person is saying before you go on your happy commenting... I know this forum doesn't charge for posting comments but still... The posts below answer your question...

    Precisely... people who are satisfied and happy are too busy enjoying their phone to come comment... hehe...
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    Is this really surprising? There are always people that complain with any OS release, and the people that post a lot are the ones who complain.

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