feedHopper RSS v3.2 is out: AirPrint, Auto-login, and more

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    Here is the iTunes link:


    Whats new in this release:

    > AirPrint support: Print articles and web pages. Use the new printer icon in the article and web browser toolbar.

    > Return to last read article: A new map pin icon in the article list view for a feed will jump you to the last accessed article from that feed. This is persistent: quitting and restarting feedHopper will keep the information handy.

    > Podcast locations are now also remembered, both for streamed and downloaded podcasts. This is even persistent, and on a podcast-by-podcast basis, so quitting and restarting feedHopper you can resume playing any of your previously played podcasts exactly where you left off.

    If a podcast is less than 10 seconds, or you are within 10 seconds of the end, you are started at the beginning.

    > New fine-tuning up/down buttons next to the history depth slider for configuring how many articles deep the database is for a feed.

    > New option in feed Advanced settings to remove feed from Google Reader sync (if enabled). This allows you to use feeds in feedHopper Google would otherwise be incompatible with, but retain overall Sync.

    > new POST Authentication: for feeds that require logging in rather than URL authentication, feedHopper supports an auto-login feature. You will need to know what to enter in the POST field, as this is different from web site to site. We will help you with this, so contact us or use our Forum. This can enable feedHopper to obtain private feeds typical of forum software.

    Some old screens (from previous version):

    Reading a feed (search bar is not shown but is at top of article list on left)

    Downloading a podcast for some offline playback:

    Some notable features already in feedHopper:
    > OpenFeint integration for pushing articles to your friends (who can subscribe to the feed the article belongs to if they wish). This way you can recommend articles and feeds directly amongst your friends in real time (or near real time).
    > Full RSS Text (for feeds that only provide snippets)
    > URL Authentication (for password protected feeds such as Daring Fireball)
    > Podcast Authentication (for password protected files such as Kim Komando show)
    > Offline podcast downloads
    > Folders/Categories
    > Google Sync is optional but supported: Go on your own or sync with your Google Reader account
    > Internet feed searching
    > Importing and exporting as OPML (or directly to/from your Reader account)
    > Multitouch gestures for jumping to next/previous article or to bottom/top of article lists
    > SEARCHING: Title or body or both
    > The Vault: Archive favorites for long-term storage.
    > Refresh all feeds, feeds in a folder, or an individual feed.
    > Tons of configuration options including using custom artwork icons for each feed or downloading the icon of the feed itself


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