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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by cps-sound, Oct 23, 2012.

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    In this world, not everyone can win American Idol, but not everyone even wants to..
    Some of us would like to actually be an artist and sell Blu-Ray discs of our work -- even if we can only sell tens or hundreds of copies..

    I feel totally "hosed" by Apple. I was asleep at the switch because I didn't even realize that they had DROPPED DVD studio pro.
    and I was certain that I could simply order my Blu Ray from the Apple store-- (but I didn't check).. instead I read " the future of post production " on the final cut page and never really looked until recently.

    How can they say the DVD or Blu-Ray is dead? WHEN EVERY GOOD MOVIE GOES STRAIGHT TO BLU-RAY for RENTAL or Purchase from Best Buy?? what a CROCK!

    Do I have to buy Adobe? Do I have to buy Avid? I feel like I paid a premium for my Apple hard-ware as I can get virtually the same chip set for 1/3 the price and run Avid on it.

    What do I need to do?
    I really would like to upgrade to Final Cut X. I know I can buy a Samsung BDR (even though it's a pain to find one locally).

    I just can't seem to find software that is "like" DVD Studio Pro for burning Blu-Ray discs.

    This is a mission critical problem. If I can't do this? I will permanently switch away from Apple. How can they say that Blu-Ray is dead when HOLLYWOOD IS PRINTING THEM BY THE MILLIONS????

    this is the biggest example of a monopoly I have ever seen. Climb up into the attic and pull up the ladder behind you.. its garbage. Hollywood is cranking out a lot of re-runs and bad acting.. its no wonder they won't let anybody compete-- yet that is ONLY how Apple feels. because Adobe, and Avid will allow you to PUBLISH on the pc... (or with a mac equipped with after-market parts)..

    THIS IS A HUGE mistake in my opinion. Burning Blu-Ray's has become MISSION CRITICAL to my plan for success... I MUST be able to print them. I have YEARS of footage in HD saved up captured with L-Series lenses and incredible audio.. its time to print.

    and to top it off, I am prepared to do my own screen printing for the actual discs.. I really am ready to do this the right way and now I find there is collusion and monopolization.. Don't tell me that PIXAR MOVIES AREN'T COMING OUT ON BLU RAY?? what a joke.
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