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Apr 12, 2001

Feral Interactive today revealed that The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame will be available for players to purchase on macOS starting this Thursday, March 14.

The game is an adaptation of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, which released in theaters last month. The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame has been available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows since late February, developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


Similar to the original The Lego Movie Videogame, the sequel follows the plot of the second film and tasks players with navigating levels like a post-apocalyptic Bricksburg, following the alien invasion at the end of the first movie, as well as the all-new Systar System. The game features over 100 playable characters from both films, including Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Benny, General Mayhem, and Rex Dangervest.

Feral confirmed that The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame will be supported on the following Macs:
[*]All 13-inch MacBook Pros released since 2016
[*]All 15-inch MacBook Pros released since Mid 2012 with a 1GB graphics card or better
[*]All MacBook Airs released since 2018
[*]All Mac minis released since late 2018
[*]All 21.5-inch iMacs released since Late 2013 with a 2.3GHz processor or better
[*]All 27-inch iMacs released since Late 2013
[*]Late 2012 models with an Nvidia 675 or Nvidia 680 graphics card are also supported
[*]All 27-inch iMac Pros released since Late 2017
[*]All Mac Pros released since Late 2013 The company also noted that a few older Macs will be able to run the game, but won't consistently meet the standards required for official support. These include:
[*]All Mac minis since Late 2012
[*]All 12" MacBooks released since Early 2015
[*]All 13" MacBook Airs released since Mid 2012
[*]All 13" MacBook Pros released since Mid 2012
[*]All 21.5" iMacs released since Early 2013 Feral is a video game publisher that regularly ports well-known console and PC games to Mac, in the past year including titles like Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. Feral has done the same for iOS games as well, like Tropico on iPad.

Those interested can pre-order The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame today from the Feral Store for $29.99, ahead of its release on Thursday.

Article Link: Feral Announces 'The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame' Coming to Mac on March 14


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Sep 25, 2017
Good news for Mac gamers. Hopefully Apple gets more serious about computer games when they switch their computer line to in-house CPUs (not likely).


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Nov 6, 2013
Yay Area
Wow, talk about poorly timed releases. Maybe they thought the movie would have better "legs", but this just seems sad at this point. I didn't like the first one more than most kids movies and was def underwhelmed after the buzz it managed to get. I enjoy real legos, but I am not for this system of turning any franchise possible into lego video games or movies/tv. I just don't get it. Why not just do animated or CG versions?


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Nov 8, 2012
Having worked for Feral, let me assure of something...their timing, as you put it, has never been good.

They are late with everything they do, from the time they come out with something to the time they say they are releasing something and then not delivering on time. This is the hallmark of its owner and director, David Stephen.

This company will NEVER - repeat NEVER - release something in a timely fashion to coincide with a movie release or even a games counterpart on other platforms. How do I know this? Their history proves it.

Feral will often blame internally these issues on others. Let me assure you of is their fault and only their fault. Delays and bad timing are in the DNA of Feral Interactive and they can't deny it because history repeats itself again, and again, and again.
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Oct 26, 2012
Hey I am really enjoying playing Max Payne 3, and Bioshock Infinite again on my 2018 MBP with eGPU. It’s nice not having to boot in to Bootcamp for some casual retro gaming fun. Granted those games are quite “retro” old yet, but glad to have the option. I hope more AAA titles can be brought over. Old and new.
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Mar 27, 2014
A game based on a movie based on a game :)

I absolutely love that kids are still into legos, and can't wait until our kiddos are of lego-age.
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