Few basic iTunes questions please?

Peter Franks

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Jun 9, 2011
1) With burning CDs in iTunes, any reason why the MP3s were 89MB, and when burned on to CD it would show them as 359MB? Is that normal,

2) What and why are the options 'import setting/import cd' 2 buttons appear in the middle of burning, bottom right? Shouldn't they appear prior or whatever?

3) Also, I hear the bong noise when I assume it's finished but the disc keeps spinning. OK to eject?

Can anyone clue me up on this stuff. I've not used iTunes for burning to audio CD before, and is there a better way of doing it without having to create a playlist just for a one off burn?



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Dec 7, 2002
New Zealand
1. That's normal; the files are converted to 1411 kb/s PCM because that's all that a regular CD player can understand.

3. Yes.
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