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Jul 1, 2004
Vienna, Austria
Hi, i just received my Midi keyboard, it's GREAT, it's awasome...i love it........now, i have a few of questions for you guys......

1rst..... I'm all set to go with the keyboard. I also have a Guitar, how can i plugg my guitar and record with it....because i can do it using the internal Mic and just getting close to the computer BUT, it really isn't too "professional" sounding, well i'm not looking for the BEST sound on earth, but at least something that can match up the Midi keyboard quality.......do i need a "preamp" for this? because plugging it to my powerbook i don't know but it doesn't sound good. Someone said to me i could plug my guitar to my amplifier and then connect a cable that go from my amp to my computer........will that work?

2nd....... i need a good Mic, nothing fancy, just something to record my vocals because as you might have noticed the internal mic is only good if you speak quietly, but if you SING it cracks.......so i saw a few mics in the apple store website i wonder if any of these would cover my needs and if i need an external preamp or something to go with it?

3rd.....when i press the Record button to record Vocals in GB, if the speakers are "audible" (NOT mutted) there's a very annoying TICK T ICK TICK TICK that comes out, and makes it impossible to record using the internal mic without "turning down the volume" which sucks if i want to sing a song and i have to listen to the track at the same time........any answer to solve this?

thank you VERY MUCH


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Apr 4, 2005
Cumbria, England
Hi Joey,
Mmmm, M-Audio box looks rather nice :cool:
If funds won't stretch to that you could run a cable from your guitar amp's headphone socket or line out (if it has one) into your line-in socket on your Mac, then experiment with volume settings on guitar and amp, and the Sound Control panel to get a good signal level without peaking when you're playing your loudest.
Living in the UK, I don't know how much gear costs over there (other than it seems to be a lot less than we pay!) The Griffin iMic USB audio input looks nice (and cheap) and would let you plug a mic in. Or you could go crazy and buy a little mixing console (Behringer are good, get one with mic preamps). You could then take a stereo signal out of there, either through the Griffin thingy or straight into your PB's line in. This would let you plug your guitar and a mic into the mixer and record both, to separate GB tracks, at the same time and be able to adjust the levels nicely, have you got a decent pair of headphones? As TheBunnellFarm says, Shure SM57s and 58s are great all round mics.
The fun part of all this is working out which cables you need to plug it all in!
As to the TICKing, it's not the metronome is it? Turn it off in the Control pull down menu in Garageband.

Hope that's of some help, and makes sense, I get confused with the US/UK terms for some stuff :)


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Sep 3, 2004
London, UK
I've got a good mic I can sell to you.It's an M-Audio Nova. You probably saw it on Apple's website. It's great for vocals, however I am doing more instrumental recording now and I need to get instrumental mics. If you get a good preamp (the Firewire Solo is a good choice, as was suggested above. I have one and I love it) then you can plug the mic and the guitar in and record them both at the same time.
This mic is slightly used, but in perfect condition. I bought it for $100, but I'll sell it to you for $85 obo. Let me know.


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Jul 26, 2004
Burlington, VT
I think this would be perfect for you. It's from M-AUDIO. It connect through USB to your computer and works perfect with Garageband. You can find in online cheaper, for around $150.


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Apr 21, 2005
Howdy all,

I just bought a solo and a nova...would LOVE to get them both started but for some reason I'm having a hard time running it through garageband. I've got everything connected, I can hear the mic on the headphone jack on the solo, it shows up as working on the input sound screen, but I can't get the thing to work at all in garageband. For some reason it wants to use my iMac's internal mic as the main mic instead of the firewire solo.

I check the m-audio manual and before emailing them I thought I'd ask people in here. Thanks!

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