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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by puma1552, Oct 13, 2011.

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    1) I am getting my phones from AT&T, and signed up for new service. What do I do when I open the box? Are the phones already activated, or do I have to call, or do I have to plug it into my computer? Basically how do I get them setup once I open them?

    2) Due to AT&T's stupidity, I have to have the phone numbers changed on my two iPhones first thing. They can't/won't do it until I have the phones in hand. Should I call them *very first* or should I activate/setup the phones like anyone else and then proceed with the change?

    3) Mine is being delivered by UPS, if I miss it tomorrow and realize I missed it during the day, can I still call them and have them attempt a second delivery the same day or arrange to pick it up tomorrow night at the holding center?

    TIA. Phone is currently in the neighboring suburb.
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    1. You should be able to setup the iPhone 4S right after opening the box if your micro-SIM is already in the phone. If you ordered it on your wireless account, then the micro-SIM should already be in the phone.

    2. It is probably best to call AT&T or go into an AT&T store, although tomorrow may be hectic with the release of the iPhone 4S.

    3. This depends. It happened to me once before and UPS said that redelivery depends on how busy the driver is. Ultimately, they couldn't redeliver it but they let me pick it up at their center.

    Hope this helps!
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