Fight Fight Zombanite! An RPG/RTS with Randomly Generated Elements

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    Nov 22, 2013
    Hey everyone! We are MojoBox Games, a two-man Indie development studio based in the UK. We’ve just released our first game Fight Fight Zombanite! for iOS and Android. In FFZ! You must pick your survivor and begin building your team. Each survivor brings their own unique abilities to the fight including turrets, healing packs, bear traps and even calling in paratroopers. There are a variety of missions including holdout, wave based, survivor rescue, driving missions and base fixing missions. To top it all off, there are NO IAP's or paywalls in the game!

    The game is out now on the Apple Store and Google Play, any feedback is greatly appreciated!:!/id735945852?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo=2


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    Nov 22, 2013
    P.S, here are a few promo codes for the game: first come first serve!




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