File corruption / Best ripping Methods?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by SiliconAddict, Mar 22, 2004.

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    Jun 19, 2003
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    I've been using iTMS since iTunes was released late last year. Good player. Has its quirks but it's decent. Anyways I got around to ripping the aprox 100 CD's I have this weekend. I had the intention to never have to rip my CD's again so I went with the highest setting iTunes has for music (e.g. Bit rate: 320kb/s, 48kHz) I ended up ripping CD's and drag and dropping cover art I found on the net on 3 of my computers with the tracks eventually finding their way onto my laptop.
    I'm happy as a clam until I got to work today, pop open my laptop, and start playing some Creed. Track one has some glitches along the way. Hmm Delete the track. Write the track number and album title down so I can rerip later. Move onto the next track and bam. Same problem. Skips here and there. Track three fine. Four fine. Problems with five. So I start jumping around to the various albums and find problems all over the board. So for the last 15 minutes I've deleted the 1300 or so tracks I ripped. I'm a bit irked for wasting that much time but *shrugs* I made the decision to not use Error Correction on the majority of my CD's (Only the ones with nasty scratches which are typically are really only the old CD's I have.) to speed up the process. So it's partly my fault.

    What I'm wondering is what is the best method to insure the best quality rip?
    This time around I'm going to use just my primary laptop; no additional systems. Disable any background services that may be running. Use error correction on all CD's. Question would it help to set the iTunes process to a higher priority?

    Second time better be the charm because I DO NOT want to go through this again.
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    Error correction should ALWAYS be on. Bad rips also come from bad optical drive that's doing the job or dirty lense. And please, 320bit is so unnecessary. AAC 128bit should be more than enough for anybody, unless you share music w/ your dog.

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