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Aug 25, 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
I'm trying to extract sim city 2000 onto my performa 575, I get almost to the end of accomplishing it and get a file error (-36), what's it mean and how can I fix it? I'm running system 7.5.3.

I have a USB floppy drive around here somewhere, would it be possible to burn the files to cd off my MacBook Pro and then install on the performa? The floppies themselves seem kinda flaky as is..


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Mar 16, 2008
Australia, Perth
I take it you're trying to copy from a floppy on the Performa 575 ?

If so, try a head cleaning diskette in the drive.

Error code -36 is an input/output error, most likely due to a 'permanent' bad read.

You could try burning it to a CD, but it needs to be HFS Standard, since system 7.5.x can't read HFS Plus.

Another alternative is to get an 'LC PDS slot Ethernet card', and transfer it via an ftp server.

NOT an endorsement, nor am I the seller:
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