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May 4, 2002
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I have a friend with a cable modem he has a Mac 7600/132 I also have a cable modem with a G3 MiniTower 333mhz. If I give him my IP address can he look at my hard drive and get a file? Because I want to give him a 50mb file. This is urgent. How can I dod this, I tried tellin him, activate appletalk, select ethernet port, turn filesharing on, go to chooser, select appleshare, click on the IP address button and type mine in. But when he types it it says that it couldnt contact the server. What do I do, He is in 9 and I am in X (10.1.5) help anyone? What about the Apache web thing built into OS X? Can I share a file from there? how do I do it? what would be the link I could send (example http:555.111.2.333/filefromserver.sit



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Jan 30, 2002
You could enable web sharing on the source computer.

System Preferences - Sharing - Start Web Sharing

Copy the file you want to share to the directory:


Have your friend DL the file by connecting thru a web browser at:



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Mar 25, 2002
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Actually if your going to do it via web sharing your better to share it from your own apache web directory.
Put the files in...
And enable web sharing as gbojim said, you friend will be able to access the files at...
This way you avoid modifying the files in your systems library.


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If the above suggestions don't work, you might not have a Global IP. Check with your ISP abou that. You need a Global IP in order to serve anything outside your local network. By the way, if the IP address that shows up when you click on System Preferences>Network is something liek '' then you probably don't have a Global IP. Also included in the non-Global IPs are ones such as '' or ''



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Jun 18, 2001
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you could use ftp or ssh... but that would require command line work... if your not into the terminal.. you might want to try Carraho server and Carracho client. Just run the Server on one Mac (or both) and run the clint on both Macs... put what folders you want to bee seen by clints that log into the right spot, set up a password and... they can log in, upload and download files from you... nice simple interface and user frendly.. and free!

I have a little tutorial that someone made on how to set it up... if your interested... PM me about it

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