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    Hi all! I'm a newly converted Mac notebook user. I'm loving the computer however I've recently stumbled upon an issue and have tried to find a solution online but can't find anything that matches my issue. I was hoping to come here to see if a regular more proficient Mac user had seen this issue before and had any recommendations. Thanks ahead of time for any help!

    I open my program (in this case Silhouette Studio) then from the drop down File menu choose Open. After I click Open the main program window screen shoots off the top of the Mac notebook display out of sight and the box that should have files to choose from to open is just empty alternating gray & white lines (or just sometimes white). When I press F3 I can see the program window with the files to choose from but when I click on it I'm back to the choice of nothing but empty shaded lines. Has anyone had this issue before and know how to resolve it so I can actually select a file to open?

    I've attached (hopefully) 2 screen shots that show the white screen selection I see after I select open and the view after pressing F3 where I can actually see the files. It's like the "open" window is opening at the bottom of the file window and I can't move to the top.

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