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    Ok here is my issue, about 2 months ago I started having issues with File sharing on my 2012 Mac Mini running Lion server (current update). We have 3 users that VPN into our company network and usually access the same folder, 2 months ago they started conflicting with each other. When one VPNs into the network and connects to the server they are fine, if the second one connects to the network they are fine but if the second one tries to access the fileshare they knock the first one off the server. The first one's connection eventually hangs and they have to completely disconnect from the VPN. I am wondering if this was caused by a patch or if there is something else going on. I have tried to reboot the server and checked the logs for anything but I am not seeing what may be causing this. I have restarted the File sharing in the Server app and still get the same problem, the users are connecting via local credentials to the server. I don't think it is a password issue since either user can log in and access as long as another user doesn't so I am not sure what the issue could be. Is there a setting that restricts how many connections can be established on the share at one time??

    any help is appreciated
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    RE: connections...

    Hi rogue5,

    Yes, all file sharing protocols can limit the number of guests or connections, but I believe under Lion server (I don't use Lion server) you have to access most of these limits via the terminal commandline instead of the Most protocols for file sharing also have a timeout feature which will disconnect users after a certain amount of slack time.

    If you execute the following command you can get information on the status of connected users:
    sudo serveradmin command afp:command = getConnectedUsers
    It will show you things like "minToDisconnect" so that you can see if there is a timeout feature for a particular user. Most of the documentation for serveradmin can be obtained on Apple's Developer website. You might also try
    sudo serveradmin fullstatus afp
    for additional information. You should also check the nfs and smb protocols, too.

    Good luck,
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    Jan 26, 2009

    Thanks Switon! I will give that a shot, at least it should give me a little more info on what may actually be happening. It is just weird that this is happening all of a sudden, I was hoping that it may have been a patch issue or a setting change due to an update. I will give this a try and see what I get.

    rogue5 (josh)

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