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me hate windows

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Jan 18, 2002
When I got my G4, it was used. Someone had already set their password and all their personal settings. I want to be able to share files on a home network, but I cannot connect to a different computer becuase I dont have the password. I checked the Mac Help program and the support site, but didnt find anything useful. Do any of you know how to change it? :confused:
I am also not able to contact the seller for the password.


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oops. I think you got yourself into some trouble here... because the password you need is the Administrator password.. so if there's no way of getting that, you're gonna have to delete the admin account. I don't knwo the procedure for that.. and you shouldn't do it yourself because many people who did screwed up their computer...

So? Anyone willing to share their knowledge on how to delete the Admin account???