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Aug 15, 2002
Hello Mac Guru's...

I have been running a OS X Snow Leopard server for the past several years, with 3 macs networking through ethernet. Recently the mac mini server died with a blinking folder icon on it. The important files are stored on an external hard drive with the following qualities:

-G-Speed Q 3TB Raid Protected
-Wired into the Serial ATA port so it operated as an internal drive
-Format Mac OS Extended (not journaled)

In order to get up and running asap, I took a new Mac Mini 2.7 ghz i7 running 10.9.5 and hooked up the G-Speed Q using Firewire 800. I setup file sharing in networking, put in in place of the old mini and hooked up the ethernet, and presto! It works...

Except when it doesn't!!!!

We have been getting sporadic error messages such as:
"The Finder can't complete the operation becasue some data in "File types .3dm, pdf, etc" can't be read or written. (Error code -36).

... when copying, saving, or moving files on the new 'server'. But we click "OK" and it seems the file is just fine. But this makes me worry.

Also, one user is having very strange behavior when working of the new 'server'. Sometimes files won't even open, folders seem empty, etc.

What is going on?
What should i do to fix this?
Should I setup Yosemite Server?
Should I get a Windows Server?


THANK YOU SO MUCH! Mac gurus the world over... superb community.


Les Kern

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Apr 26, 2002
Simply re-set the permissions via the server's file sharing including ACL's, and make sure to propogate down through the folders.


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Aug 15, 2002
Thank you for your help....

... in the previous server setup there were 3 levels of user access, 3 different users. user #1 had access to 3 of 3 folders, user #2 had access to 2 of 3 folders, and user #3 had access to only 1 of 3 folders. For now I just want to get everyone up and running with no file handling errors.

Since hooking it up to the new mac mini I have had all 3 users access the mini with the same user name (the admin user on the mini). I have did not change any of the permissions on the external drive yet.

From what I can tell there are several paths forward. Please advise...

1: Terminal App : dot_clean (then drag the external hd icon into the terminal app) enter.
-This should scrub away all permissions in the external drive -yes?

2: External Drive icon - info: delete previous users (currently listed as unknown), change the admin user to 'read and write', click on the gear and "apply to enclosed items".
-This should remove the old users from all files on the external drive, change them all to have the admin user read/write all files, and allow us to get up and running with one single user accessing files through file sharing and all logging in using the admin login?

Questions for you all:
Is there another better solution?
Which solution above is recommended? (Are they essentially identical)
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