File transfer to digital picture frame "hangs"

Discussion in 'macOS' started by BYODKjiM, Jul 25, 2008.

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    I was given a "digital picture frame" which has both the capability of displaying pictures from a memory stick, and also from 1 GB internal memory. There is a mini-USB port and supplied cable to load pictures to the internal memory.

    The "digital picture frame" box does not indicate it is compatible with Mac OS X. However, I assumed that I should be able to transfer picture files to the memory just as I can transfer files to a Flash drive.

    The picture frame appeared as a drive in the Finder. When I attempted to transfer a large group of pictures (~320) to the frame, the transfer time was calculated as being about 25 minutes. This seemed REALLY SLOW to me, but I figured it must be a slow device. After transferring 166 pictures, the transfer "hung." I tried to cancel the transfer, but nothing happened. I tried to restart my Mac (a 1.66GHz Mac mini running Leopard) but got a message to the effect that I couldn't shut down with a file transfer still going. I was unable to force quit and restart the Finder. I finally resorted to cutting the power.

    Upon rebooting and reconnecting the picture frame, I used Disk Utility to reformat the frame in MS-DOS format. I then tried transferring 50 pictures at a time. This worked twice, but the transfer "hung" during the third set of 50 pictures. The same killing of power was needed to get out of the hang.

    The only time I've ever seen anything similar to this is after I first installed OS X Jaguar on my old G3 (updated to G4) beige desktop. A LaCie external USB drive which had worked fine under Mac OS 9, had this type of hang problem with large file transfers (even if it was only a single large file). At that time I was assuming this was due to Mac OS X providing faster I/O throughput for which the LaCie drive hadn't been designed to handle.

    I contacted the manufacturer's tech support for the picture frame and received the following as part of an e-mail response:

    "Have you tried downloading the pictures one at a time or just a few at
    a time or are you attempting to transfer a large file all at once? If
    you are trying to transfer a large amount of information at one time,
    this may hang up the frame because the USB 2.0 cable is not a high
    speed USB connection. The frames we sell are designed to be compatible
    with Windows systems..."

    I didn't think there were "high speed" and "low speed" USB cables!

    My questions for the forum are:

    Is this a Mac OS X USB problem or, as I suspect, could the software/hardware interface in the picture frame have been poorly designed so as to leave out some necessary "don't send" signals to prevent buffer overflow or other such problems, the lack of which are causing the hang when encountering too much data throughput? Does Windows have lower USB 2.0 throughput so this works?:confused:
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    Try using rsync, cp, or dd to copy files, and see what they tell you. The flash memory or USB controller in the picture frame may be bad.

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