File Transferring - OS X & Ubuntu on Wireless Network?


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Jan 27, 2014
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So this morning I converted my old ASUS UL80 laptop [circa-2010] to Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS [and removed the factory installed Windows 7 Home Edition (64-bit); now running Ubuntu as the sole OS], and I really like it compared to the abortion of an OS known as Windows lol that I've had on PCs in the past. I recently bought a late 2013 21.5" iMac [running OS X 10.9.2], and I'm trying to figure out how to link it over my home wireless network to the ASUS laptop running Ubuntu OS.

The reason I'm interested in this is that I don't have an external optical drive to plug into my iMac, and the ASUS laptop is located in another room, set up on a semi-permanent improvised "life-support" stand/fan setup lol [these ASUS UL series laptops are notorious for overheating, and this one is no exception], so simply connecting the two via-ethernet cable isn't an option. I'd like to be able to transfer files between the two computers, as well as be able to use my iMac to remotely access the ASUS laptop's optical drive [to read & write CD/DVD] - using my home wireless network.

I'm not sure how to do this [in regards to setting up Ubuntu with OS X]. I'm familiar with how to link up OS X and Windows thru the same network, but I'm a noob on Linux-based OS.

Is this possible, and if so how would I go about doing it?

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Aug 13, 2013
>figure out how to link it over my home wireless network

I assume by 'link it' you mean share files.

Can you ping the IP of one machine to the other (and vice versa)
If not your network is not configured correctly if so google 'netatalk' for file sharing and 'avahi' for emulating the macs bonjour on linux.


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Apr 17, 2012
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Please clarify your question, I'm not sure what you are trying to do.

I have a server running Ubuntu 14.04, it runs x11 on startup. I can screen share to it via MacPro Safari local: something like vnc:// in the browser will start the screen share.

Are you looking to use it more as a file server?


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Nov 12, 2007
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I'm not sure if the remote disk for using the DVD drive exists for linux. But for file sharing, you should be able to right click on any folder and share it in Ubuntu like windows.